Judge John Hodgman

A man wants to dedicate a room of his house to the movie Frozen; his husband objects. With special expert witnesses Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez!

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Judge Hodgman and Bailiff Jesse are rarin' to clear out the docket & follow up with the brothers from "Wake Me Up Before You Go, Bro"!

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Judge Hodgman and Bailiff Jesse ring in the new year with some docket clearing.

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A man suggested that his friend read a very long series of fantasy novels, but isn't satisfied with the pace of her reading.

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A man seeks to enforce a contract regarding pizza toppings.

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We address winter holiday disputes in this all-docket episode (with a special surprise appearance from a past guest).

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Should a couple install a sports team's flag outside their home?

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Should Alex relinquish his beloved "grandpa shoes", purchased secondhand?

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Two families live together in a communal household, but they have trouble explaining it outsiders. Should they pretend to be related, or be honest and embrace the weirdness?

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Dale wants to build a camping trailer, but her husband Shawn objects.

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