Judge John Hodgman

When is it OK to leave your own party early and retire to bed?

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Judge Hodgman rules on busted doors, schoolbus naming, and whether or not cereal is a soup. Plus a Hodgman Dubbel update!

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Is Jonas a snob for preferring more expensive liquor?

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Should Scott get back out on the ice and play beer league hockey with his friend, or is he TOO OLD?

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Should Anton give psychics a chance? This week, with expert witness Carrie Poppy of Oh No! Ross and Carrie!

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A man starts a Hulk parody account of a friend on Twitter. Is it funny, unoriginal or just STRAIGHT UP IMPERSONATION?

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Judge Hodgman and Bailiff Jesse clear out the docket with gusto, answering questions about pickle relish, Pee-wee, apartment tours, and the difference between Jim Varney and Verne Troyer.

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Judge Hodgman and Bailiff Jesse tackle the reuse of ziptop bags, sleeping in jeans, Luddites, and creative work in today's docket clearing. Plus, Judge Hodgman admits to some monstrous behavior.

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How many socks is TOO many socks?

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This week, our live show from SF Sketchfest, including "Justice in Thirty Minutes or Less", "Spit Decision" and music from John Vanderslice and A-1.

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