Judge John Hodgman

Judge Hodgman tells us what's wrong and what's right! Is ice cream actually "candy"? Should you go to your mom's 60th birthday party? Is it ok to leave used snot rags lying around?

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Aron and Molly's yard is littered with balls kicked over from the park next door. They can't agree on how best to return the balls and appease the kids.

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Parents listening with children, know that this case involves Santa Claus! Catch our drift? Andy brings the case against his wife Virginia. Andy wants to share the spirit of Christmas and Santa all year long. Virginia wants to restrict it to the holiday season. Who's right? Who's wrong?

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Judge Hodgman rules on indiscriminate hot-saucing, Vegas buffet etiquette, civic responsibility and more. Plus an update on the Brocavores from Episode 167!

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How should a couple catch a recycling bin thief?

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Is it possible to live a birthday-free life? Is it possible to acknowledge being another year older without all the birthday trappings? A couple brings their case before the judge.

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Bailiff Jesse returns to the courtroom! Judge Hodgman rules on the Oxford comma, Hawaiian short pants, and tries not to hurt anyone's "Disney feelings". 

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Guest Bailiff Jean Grae returns to help Judge Hodgman clear out the docket, ruling on teenage liars, snuggling with teddy bears, sopping up messes with toilet paper, and more.

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Colin enjoys rising with the sun each day, but is it an impractical habit? Guest starring Jean Grae as the Bailiff!

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When is it OK to leave your own party early and retire to bed?

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