Judge John Hodgman

Two friends co-host a literary reading series as a labor of love. Should they begin to seek donations?

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Is fresh best? How often should pet-soiled sheets be washed?

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Listen in as Judge John rules on metal meat utensils, 40 year olds listening to EDM, Vlad the Impaler-based religions, and the proper order to listen to podcasts. This week with Bailiff Jesse Thorn!

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What's "public" and what's "private" space? A woman agrees to refrain from wearing a certain pair of shoes in public, but finds the terms unclear.

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Caroline brings the case against her husband Steve. They cannot agree -- how many TVs is TOO many? Caroline thinks it's best to minimize TV watching, and that a single TV is most appropriate. Steve says it can't hurt to have a few extra screens as long as you don't go overboard. Who's right? Who's wrong? Only one man can decide.

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Judge Hodgman is assisted by Summertime Bailiff Monte Belmonte, taking on questions of broccoli-chomping, accidental raccoonslaughter, game night disputes, and the best construction of jokes.

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Should Adrian be allowed to purchase an artisanal axe, flouting house rules about weapons?

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When someone posts something offensive or wrong on social media, should you call them out?

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That's my verdict, that's my ruling! Judge John Hodgman rules on dressing cats in shirts, obnoxious behavior at Mexican restaurants, and more.

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Judge Hodgman tells us what's wrong and what's right! Is ice cream actually "candy"? Should you go to your mom's 60th birthday party? Is it ok to leave used snot rags lying around?

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