Judge John Hodgman

When is it appropriate to ask to crash at a friend's place? Should the practice be curtailed when one reaches a certain age or level of financial security? Chris and Emily bring this case against their friend Pat.

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Jesse and Jessica are used to squaring off against one another when they play games like Scrabble & Hangman on their smartphones. In this episode of Judge John Hodgman their rivalry spills into the courtroom as they litigate their literary license.  Please use JUSTICE in a sentence!

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Austin brings the case against his good friend Ethan. A year ago, they drove cross-country from Santa Cruz, California to Brooklyn, New York. Austin says that during the trip, he experienced "car lag," a variant form of jetlag. Ethan says the very idea is absurd. The argument has driven a wedge into their friendship.

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Strife between two friends -- over DVR recordings.  If Anthony requests that Joseph record television programs for him on his personal DVR, is he obligated to come over and watch them?

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Not in MY backyard! Julienne and Emily are neighbors and romantically involved. Julienne has created a garden space  but wants to add a particular flower that Emily detests. Emily has threatened to never cross the picket fence again if they are brought in. Who'll win the war of the roses?

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What IS a horror movie? Bryan's list of 100 horror movies is all about content. His friend Jay says it's all about the audience's reaction. Who is the master of the macabre? Only one justice of the deceased can decide!

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A young couple battle embarrassing behavior and bags of trash in search of unpeeled prize tickets for a shot at redemption. And a free slice of pizza. Or a free Coke.

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Seth and Stephen are colleagues in a Broadway show.  They bring a case of Lost and Found, Finders and Keepers, and Losers and Weepers.

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Guest bailiffed by ABC News Senior White House Correspondent Jake Tapper! Friends Mike, Mike and Dan seek a ruling on a modified but highly charged game of beard chicken.

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Brothers and bandmates Jack and Jeff bring this argument over tourdates, a wedding and being the boss of the band.

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