Judge John Hodgman

Jeff says his live-in girlfriend Courtney habitually hides food from him. Courtney admits that she's hidden food in the past, but only to save Jeff from his own ravenous tendencies, and that she has stopped the practice. Is Courtney a food-hoarder, or is Jeff a food-stealer?

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College pals Corey, Tyler and Caitlyn are moving into a new apartment in the coming school year with three bedrooms: two small, one gloriously spacious. Who deserves the biggest room?

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Is it appropriate to ask a cab driver to take you through a drive-thru after a long night of drinking? Take a ride in the Justice Cab to find out.

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In this episode, we are joined by SPECIAL GUEST and EXPERT WITNESS Morgan Webb.  John argues that using a strategy guide when playing a video game is cheating, pure and simple.  His friend Josef argues that while it provides an advantage, it's not out of line to use a guide and constitutes no cheating.

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We have a pronunciation problem. Matt brings the case against his friend Josh, who he argues pronounces a number of words incorrectly. Affectations, shibboleths, and regionalisms: we've got it all.

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Friends (and Canadian barristers) Nick and Phil bring their fruit-based case before the Judge: which gentleman's technique for peeling a banana is correct?

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Should an endurance event enthusiast (and former couch potato) be allowed to participate in an Ironman Triathlon against the wishes of his wife?

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When is it appropriate to request a photo with a celebrity seen in the wild? Andrew and Britt bring this case of a Hollywood party, Stephen Colbert, and potential Facebook popularity before the judge.

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Should a father be able to compell his teenage daughter to watch classic films? Or does a 16-year-old deserve autonomy in her entertainment choices?

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Two best friends disagree on the morality of the potluck. One says it's a great opportunity for everyone to pitch in. One says it's a sign of a host who's abdicated responsibility for the party. Only one man can decide who's right.

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