Judge John Hodgman

A group of high school kids kidnapped their youth group leader's life-size Ernie doll as a prank, but he was stolen from them before his safe return.  Can they be held responsible for Ernie's disappearance if they intended to return him?

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A fiancee demands that her sweetheart shape up and dress for a promotion, plus other clothing-related disputes.

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A friends' night out at a Polynesian restaurant, several Scorpion bowls and an abandoned bag of takeout are involved in this accusation of impropriety and substandard hygiene.

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Sisters Carol and Michelle have a disagreement over the pronunciation of their last name, Martucci. Carol believes in the traditional Italian "Mar-too-CHEE" and Michelle thinks it honors their grandfather to pronounce the name in his preferred fashion, "Mar-too-SEE".

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Brothers Evan and Michael battle it out: as a toddler, Michael stole Evans things, and gave them away at pre-school. Does Evan deserve an apology?

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The manufacture of a food truck awning leads to a Portland-infused nightmare.

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Recorded live on stage at The Talent Show in Brooklyn: a man believes parentheses have no place in fiction. His girlfriend disagrees.

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A married couple disagrees: when should the Christmas decorations go up? That is the question. Skakespeare.

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A married couple disagrees: what is a den?

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A married couple disagrees: is physical attractiveness a component of romantic love?

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