Judge John Hodgman

Greg and Eric are longtime friends and sometime-bandmates.  They disagree on one area of performance; should members of the band ever ask the audience to clap along to their music?

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Carrie and her husband Phillip are planning for the future. A collapse of civilazation under the coming apocalypse to be exact. Carrie and "Sarge" are at odds about where to best survive the end of days and bring the case to Judge John Hodgman. 

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When is it appropriate to ask to crash at a friend's place? Should the practice be curtailed when one reaches a certain age or level of financial security? Chris and Emily bring this case against their friend Pat.

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Jesse and Jessica are used to squaring off against one another when they play games like Scrabble & Hangman on their smartphones. In this episode of Judge John Hodgman their rivalry spills into the courtroom as they litigate their literary license.  Please use JUSTICE in a sentence!

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Austin brings the case against his good friend Ethan. A year ago, they drove cross-country from Santa Cruz, California to Brooklyn, New York. Austin says that during the trip, he experienced "car lag," a variant form of jetlag. Ethan says the very idea is absurd. The argument has driven a wedge into their friendship.

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Strife between two friends -- over DVR recordings.  If Anthony requests that Joseph record television programs for him on his personal DVR, is he obligated to come over and watch them?

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Not in MY backyard! Julienne and Emily are neighbors and romantically involved. Julienne has created a garden space  but wants to add a particular flower that Emily detests. Emily has threatened to never cross the picket fence again if they are brought in. Who'll win the war of the roses?

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What IS a horror movie? Bryan's list of 100 horror movies is all about content. His friend Jay says it's all about the audience's reaction. Who is the master of the macabre? Only one justice of the deceased can decide!

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A young couple battle embarrassing behavior and bags of trash in search of unpeeled prize tickets for a shot at redemption. And a free slice of pizza. Or a free Coke.

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Seth and Stephen are colleagues in a Broadway show.  They bring a case of Lost and Found, Finders and Keepers, and Losers and Weepers.

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Guest bailiffed by ABC News Senior White House Correspondent Jake Tapper! Friends Mike, Mike and Dan seek a ruling on a modified but highly charged game of beard chicken.

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Brothers and bandmates Jack and Jeff bring this argument over tourdates, a wedding and being the boss of the band.

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Elisabeth and Melissa are good friends and enthusiastic travelers, who often journey together on planes and in cars across the country. While their traveling styles mesh for the most part, they are divided on a hot-button issue: the correct way to de-plane once you've arrived at your destination. Elisabeth, who prefers to take the aisle seat, believes that the aisle-sitter bears some burden of judgment, and may choose to wait a reasonable amount of time before stepping into the aisle, without asking permission of his or her seatmates. Melissa, on the other hand, is frequently a window-seater, and believes that people should abide by the "row by row" rule as a general rule.

WHO IS RIGHT, and WHO IS WRONG? Only Judge Hodgman can decide.

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Mike's three children were enticed to try a foreign food -- bacon-wrapped scallops -- by an offer from their father of $5. However, Mike now claims that since the boys enjoyed the food, he no longer owes them compensation. Mike's wife Ellen represents the boys in court.

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Ted brings this case against his father Paul, who has become obsessed with cows.  Ted argues that his father's cow collection and his inclination to randomly say the word cow, among other issues, indicate the need to tamp down the cow-talk.  Paul argues that his obsession is merited, because "cows are our most important animal friends."

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Matt Haughey of Metafilter and his wife Kay split household chores right down the middle, except when it comes to garbage duty.  Does the person taking out the trash have "garbage hands" that are only suitable to replace the trash bag and deal with all matters dirty?  Judge John Hodgman decides!

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Pat and Joe come before the court with a case about that famous rock band, The Beatles. Pat claims that The White Album is one of The Beatles' worst albums and has a scattered approach. Joe argues that the album benefits from its variance and is one of their best works.

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Randi and Chris were gifted Mulder and Scully action figures for Christmas, but differ on their purpose. Should they be kept in their original packaging, to retain value (and for laughs)? Or should they be freed, to re-enact X-Files episodes and general playtime?

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When Jake listens to his favorite classical music, he finds himself conducting furiously and with abandon.  His wife Erica, an accomplished concert musician, says his flamboyant conducting makes a mockery of her life's work. Must Jake cease his carefree conducting style?

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Friends Adam and Will have a dispute about social networking.  Is it Adam's responsibility as a young adult to get with the program and join the online social networking world, or is Will pushing his own life choices on his friend?

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Jason's mom argues that whenever he passes gas, he should proffer an "excuse me" to whomever is present (according to general social etiquette).  Jason says he's an adult and as such, is allowed to do as he pleases.  Should Jason's mom butt out, or should be held to her standards?

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Jeff says his live-in girlfriend Courtney habitually hides food from him. Courtney admits that she's hidden food in the past, but only to save Jeff from his own ravenous tendencies, and that she has stopped the practice. Is Courtney a food-hoarder, or is Jeff a food-stealer?

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College pals Corey, Tyler and Caitlyn are moving into a new apartment in the coming school year with three bedrooms: two small, one gloriously spacious. Who deserves the biggest room?

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Is it appropriate to ask a cab driver to take you through a drive-thru after a long night of drinking? Take a ride in the Justice Cab to find out.

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In this episode, we are joined by SPECIAL GUEST and EXPERT WITNESS Morgan Webb.  John argues that using a strategy guide when playing a video game is cheating, pure and simple.  His friend Josef argues that while it provides an advantage, it's not out of line to use a guide and constitutes no cheating.

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We have a pronunciation problem. Matt brings the case against his friend Josh, who he argues pronounces a number of words incorrectly. Affectations, shibboleths, and regionalisms: we've got it all.

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Friends (and Canadian barristers) Nick and Phil bring their fruit-based case before the Judge: which gentleman's technique for peeling a banana is correct?

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Should an endurance event enthusiast (and former couch potato) be allowed to participate in an Ironman Triathlon against the wishes of his wife?

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When is it appropriate to request a photo with a celebrity seen in the wild? Andrew and Britt bring this case of a Hollywood party, Stephen Colbert, and potential Facebook popularity before the judge.

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Should a father be able to compell his teenage daughter to watch classic films? Or does a 16-year-old deserve autonomy in her entertainment choices?

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Two best friends disagree on the morality of the potluck. One says it's a great opportunity for everyone to pitch in. One says it's a sign of a host who's abdicated responsibility for the party. Only one man can decide who's right.

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A group of high school kids kidnapped their youth group leader's life-size Ernie doll as a prank, but he was stolen from them before his safe return.  Can they be held responsible for Ernie's disappearance if they intended to return him?

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A fiancee demands that her sweetheart shape up and dress for a promotion, plus other clothing-related disputes.

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A friends' night out at a Polynesian restaurant, several Scorpion bowls and an abandoned bag of takeout are involved in this accusation of impropriety and substandard hygiene.

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Sisters Carol and Michelle have a disagreement over the pronunciation of their last name, Martucci. Carol believes in the traditional Italian "Mar-too-CHEE" and Michelle thinks it honors their grandfather to pronounce the name in his preferred fashion, "Mar-too-SEE".

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Brothers Evan and Michael battle it out: as a toddler, Michael stole Evans things, and gave them away at pre-school. Does Evan deserve an apology?

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The manufacture of a food truck awning leads to a Portland-infused nightmare.

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Recorded live on stage at The Talent Show in Brooklyn! Judge John Hodgman decides the case of a couple who disagree: do parentheses have a place in fiction?

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