Judge John Hodgman

Should a toddler be let loose in a kitchen?

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Judge Hodgman is visited by the spirits of litigants past.

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Max says if he needs a server's attention, he's within his rights to flag someone down - but his friend Andy says he's going about it all wrong. Who's right?

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A tale of Christmas tree liberation.

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NOTE: This episode includes some bad language and M*ssholism. Sam brings the case against his longtime friend John. They both hail from cities in Massachusetts, but John says that Sam isn't "really" from Massachusetts -- he doesn't have the attitude and spirit. Who's right? Who's wrong? Only one man can decide.

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Juliet brings the case against her fiance, Tom. Tom is a "disc ultimate" enthusiast. He's sustained several injuries over the past few years playing the sport. Juliet says he should take a season to recover and prepare to play again. Tom says he's running out of time and needs to get back in the game.

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Does teenage Sophie need a push from Dad to get over her shyness?

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An introvert and extrovert face off - who gets to decide when to leave the party?

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How will these two young would-be homesteaders live? In a small wooden house, or a yurt?

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This week: fan noise tears apart a marriage.

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