Judge John Hodgman

A man suggested that his friend read a very long series of fantasy novels, but isn't satisfied with the pace of her reading.

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A man seeks to enforce a contract regarding pizza toppings.

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We address winter holiday disputes in this all-docket episode (with a special surprise appearance from a past guest).

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Should a couple install a sports team's flag outside their home?

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Should Alex relinquish his beloved "grandpa shoes", purchased secondhand?

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Two families live together in a communal household, but they have trouble explaining it outsiders. Should they pretend to be related, or be honest and embrace the weirdness?

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Dale wants to build a camping trailer, but her husband Shawn objects.

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Judge Hodgman and Bailiff Jesse clear the docket (be forewarned: there's nightmare gerbil talk).

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Should an ailing dog be given free reign when riding in the car?

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Bailiff Jesse and Judge John Hodgman return to chambers to clear out the docket.


Great question! Judge Hodgman is out on the road right now, touring the Midwest and Northeast United States! Chicago! Milwaukee! Akron! Hartford! and more.

Find a tourdate in your area here! 

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