Judge John Hodgman

Should an ailing dog be given free reign when riding in the car?

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Bailiff Jesse and Judge John Hodgman return to chambers to clear out the docket.


Great question! Judge Hodgman is out on the road right now, touring the Midwest and Northeast United States! Chicago! Milwaukee! Akron! Hartford! and more.

Find a tourdate in your area here! 

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Will brings the case against his friend Moby. Moby has constructed a "friendship and acquaintance theory" that helps her navigate the relationships in her life. She's entirely upfront about which people in her life are acquaintances, and which are friends. She says it helps her maintain better relationships. Will thinks Moby has gone overboard with the theory, and it's alienating her from other people. Who's right? Who's wrong?

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Judge John Hodgman clears the docket with some special guests from Song Exploder, The Memory Palace and My Brother, My Brother and Me in celebration of MaxFunWeek.

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Is a man entitled to a beard?

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Judge Hodgman & Bailiff Jesse clear the docket, read pedantic letters, and talk about starting a horror movie club.

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Home renovation gone wrong (or has it?)!

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Michelle's fiance is a prankster and has taken things too far! Will the judge crack down on the goofs?

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An American graduate student wants her dad to visit her in Norway, the land of trolls.

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Steffen protests: too many pool parties!

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