Judge John Hodgman

An American graduate student wants her dad to visit her in Norway, the land of trolls.

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Steffen protests: too many pool parties!

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A woman takes her mother to court over fingernail clipping in public.

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Jake and Janey have taken safety measures to protect their home since a spate of break-ins have happened in their neighborhood. But they disagree about which measures are most effective. 

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Stacey brings the case against her boyfriend Greg. When they go on trips together, Greg likes to dawdle and take his time getting on the road. Stacey wants to get out bright and early.

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Beth loves animals and wants to get a pet snake, but her husband is opposed to slithery things.

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A couple plans to move out to the country, and can't agree on whether or not they should allow hunting on the new property. 

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BUZZ MARKETING BAN LIFTED: Katie wants her boyfriend Dallas to go on her favorite ride at Disneyland. With Special Expert Witness Mark Gagliardi!

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Two brothers have decided to live off the land for a year, but they can't agree on some of the tiny details of their plan.

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Becky says her friend Nancy's Shetland ponies are ill-mannered. Nancy disagrees and says they're perfect just as they are. Who's right?

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