Judge John Hodgman

NOTE: This episode includes some bad language and M*ssholism. Sam brings the case against his longtime friend John. They both hail from cities in Massachusetts, but John says that Sam isn't "really" from Massachusetts -- he doesn't have the attitude and spirit. Who's right? Who's wrong? Only one man can decide.

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Juliet brings the case against her fiance, Tom. Tom is a "disc ultimate" enthusiast. He's sustained several injuries over the past few years playing the sport. Juliet says he should take a season to recover and prepare to play again. Tom says he's running out of time and needs to get back in the game.

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Does teenage Sophie need a push from Dad to get over her shyness?

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An introvert and extrovert face off - who gets to decide when to leave the party?

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How will these two young would-be homesteaders live? In a small wooden house, or a yurt?

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This week: fan noise tears apart a marriage.

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Ricardo brings the case against his girlfriend Paola. They both love to salsa dance, but Ricardo needs some work on technique. He'd like to perfect his skills out at the salsa clubs, but Paola says she'd rather teach him at home, where they can take it at their own pace. Where should they make their moves? Only one man can decide.

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Doug brings the case against his best friend Ty. Ty insists on pronouncing foreign words with the proper accent when speaking in English. Doug says this is pretentious, and that Ty should just accept the common pronunciation of words when he's Stateside.

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Gearhead Abraham brings the case against his sister Sonja: why won't she take his advice when buying a car?

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Is Anna a gaming addict?

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