Judge John Hodgman

Declan wants his older brother Taran to stop using him as his personal alarm clock.

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Stephanie brings the case against her brother Mitch. They live at home with their parents and can't agree - who should get the coveted driveway spot and who should trudge through the mud to get to their car?

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Zaki always controls the stereo on long car rides, and Michelle wants to get in on the action. Who gets to choose the audio playlist on a road trip, the driver or the passenger?

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Leala's husband acts as her in-house hairdresser and helps her dye her hair each month. Now he wants to retire the gloves and send her to the salon. 

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Should a couple in Berlin install an air conditioner in their new apartment? Dominik enjoys the heat, while Laura prefers a cooler climate. 

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Two Quebecers quarrel: should they speak English or French when they're out and about in their hometown of Montreal? With expert witness Jonathan Goldstein, host of CBC's WireTap!

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Mollie says that her husband Geoff spends way too much time on his turns during board games, plotting the perfect move to crush his opponents. Should Geoff hurry up?

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Marika says her husband Joe's habit of tipping housekeeping and service workers with coins is rude and contrary to the spirit of the gesture. Joe says, as long as he's tipping, what's the problem?

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Lani says her husband Alistair insists on doing most of the household chores, and she appreciates his generous spirit. However, she says she's tired of having to ask him to take out the garbage when she could very well do it herself! Is Alistair TOO chivalrous?

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Judged by Guest Judge Jesse Thorn, and bailiffed by Jordan Morris! Margaret files suit against her male housemate and best friend, who's lied to his family about living with a woman. She wants him to come clean!

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