Judge John Hodgman

A couple plans to move out to the country, and can't agree on whether or not they should allow hunting on the new property. 

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BUZZ MARKETING BAN LIFTED: Katie wants her boyfriend Dallas to go on her favorite ride at Disneyland. With Special Expert Witness Mark Gagliardi!

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Two brothers have decided to live off the land for a year, but they can't agree on some of the tiny details of their plan.

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Becky says her friend Nancy's Shetland ponies are ill-mannered. Nancy disagrees and says they're perfect just as they are. Who's right?

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Declan wants his older brother Taran to stop using him as his personal alarm clock.

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Stephanie brings the case against her brother Mitch. They live at home with their parents and can't agree - who should get the coveted driveway spot and who should trudge through the mud to get to their car?

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Zaki always controls the stereo on long car rides, and Michelle wants to get in on the action. Who gets to choose the audio playlist on a road trip, the driver or the passenger?

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Leala's husband acts as her in-house hairdresser and helps her dye her hair each month. Now he wants to retire the gloves and send her to the salon. 

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Should a couple in Berlin install an air conditioner in their new apartment? Dominik enjoys the heat, while Laura prefers a cooler climate. 

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Two Quebecers quarrel: should they speak English or French when they're out and about in their hometown of Montreal? With expert witness Jonathan Goldstein, host of CBC's WireTap!

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