Judge John Hodgman

Stephanie files suit against her friend Sewit. They are both members of a Las Vegas community service group that often uses raffles for fundraising. Stephanie thinks members of their group should be prohibited from entering the raffles, but Sewit has no problem with it.

With Guest Bailiffs Dave Shumka and Graham Clark of Stop Podcasting Yourself!

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Judge John Hodgman and Bailiff Jesse Thorn clear the docket on this week's episode. They rule on dish washing, unusual names, roommate parking disputes and more! 


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On Judge John Hodgman this week, Tarah brings her husband, Jason, to court over their disagreement about video game consoles. Tarah would like to buy a console for their two kids, but Jason is strongly opposed. Who's right? Who's wrong? 

With Summertime Funtime Guest Bailiff Monte Belmonte!

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Glenys files suit against her husband, Jim. Glenys would like to buy a couch for their living room but Jim thinks couches are too uncomfortable. He thinks a daybed is a better solution for living room seating.

With Guest Bailiff Monte Belmonte! 

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Ian files suit against his girlfriend, N’Jameh, over her habit of memorizing her lines at bedtime. N'Jameh has found in her acting experience, memorizing her lines as she falls asleep is the best way for her to remember. Ian, however, finds it too hard to sleep when she does this and wishes for the bedroom to be a work-free zone. Who's right? Who's wrong? 


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It's Christmas in July!

Mark and Hal of Maximum Fun's own We Got This released an episode naming a popular Christmas movie as the definitive best Christmas movie. Mark regrets the choice and has tried several times to convince Hal to re-evaluate. While Mark seeks to get the decision reversed, Hal would like to prohibit Mark from bringing it up again. Who's right? Who's wrong? 

If you want to listen to the We Got This episodes referenced, they are Episode #43 "Best Christmas Movie," and Episode #52 "The One Year Anniversary Spectacular."

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Naomi brings the case against her husband, Spencer. She’s embarrassed by his loud and incessant heckling at baseball games. It’s fun for him and he thinks major league players are fair game. Who's right? Who's wrong? 

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Judge John Hodgman and Bailiff Jesse Thorn are in chambers this week as they clear the docket! They discuss how to handle dropped silverware in restaurants, whether or not you should bring an open bottle of wine to a gathering, a contentious game of Trivial Pursuit, and more!

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Tom brings the case against his friend Trinity. Trinity longs to be discovered and believes she was “born for the theater.” Despite her enthusiasm for theater and performing, she refuses to try out community theater. He thinks she should get over her fear and go for it. Who's right? Who's wrong?

With expert witness Andrew from Judge John Hodgman Episode 151: Sic Semper Dramatis

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Daniel brings the case against his dad, Kevin. He says Kevin overuses the same joke with service industry workers, which the rest of the family finds embarrassing. Kevin thinks it's a funny joke that brightens people's day. Who's right, who's wrong? 

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