Judge John Hodgman

Jason's mom argues that whenever he passes gas, he should proffer an "excuse me" to whomever is present (according to general social etiquette).  Jason says he's an adult and as such, is allowed to do as he pleases.  Should Jason's mom butt out, or should be held to her standards?

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Jeff says his live-in girlfriend Courtney habitually hides food from him. Courtney admits that she's hidden food in the past, but only to save Jeff from his own ravenous tendencies, and that she has stopped the practice. Is Courtney a food-hoarder, or is Jeff a food-stealer?

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College pals Corey, Tyler and Caitlyn are moving into a new apartment in the coming school year with three bedrooms: two small, one gloriously spacious. Who deserves the biggest room?

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Is it appropriate to ask a cab driver to take you through a drive-thru after a long night of drinking? Take a ride in the Justice Cab to find out.

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