Judge John Hodgman

Kim and her husband Chris co-habitate with a pet parrot. The bird adores Kim but behaves badly around her husband and son. How far should they go to accomodate the parrot?

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Nick and Sara are a married couple who disagree on interior design -- namely, should Nick be allowed to display a collection of bones and taxidermied animals within their home?

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Please note: explicit language in this episode! Eric and Elizabeth are a married couple who make their living doing performances together. They disagree on when it's necessary and appropriate to use curse words in art. Elizabeth objects to their use, and Eric thinks they can add necessary emphasis to his songwriting. Who is right, and who is wrong?

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Brad and Kyra disagree - when is the time to cut their toddler's hair?

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Ben and Sara are co-workers, friends, and most recently, romantically entangled. They've kept their office romance a secret for months, and Ben says it's time to go public. Sara thinks it's more fun to sneak around and wants to keep their relationship a covert operation.

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