Judge John Hodgman

THIS WEEK: with guest bailiff Monte Bailiff Belmonte and a SECRET expert witness. Caroline brings this case against her boyfriend Will, who's been trying to sell her on his favorite metal bands to no avail.

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Jordan and his friend Charles bring an unresolved bet, instigated by a discussion of the DC comics villain Mr. Myxlptlk. Could Jordan's friends trick him into say his own name backwards? namdgoH nhoJ egduJ rules!

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Donald, Jessie and their son are planning a trip to a Star Wars convention for their family vacation. Donald thinks Jessie should him and their son Josh in costume; Jessie thinks she's doing enough simply by attending. Who is right? This week: guest bailiffed by Monte Belmonte!

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Harry says his best friend Dan is spinning his wheels back in their hometown, and should come join him in Los Angeles. Should Dan venture to LA or stay put? Only one man can decide.

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Trips for late night fast food and fraternal bonding cause a rift in a relationship -- and only one man can help repair it.

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