Judge John Hodgman

Luis insists his big sister Alejandra monopolizes the use of their shared vehicle. Alejandra says Luis refuses rides and then pouts. Who is right?

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Patrick and his his girlfriend Hannah moved to Portland, Oregon last year and used Patrick's trusty Camaro to get there. Hannah has since bought Patrick's car from him to use on her commute to work, and sees it as a strictly utilitarian possession – car washing is unnecessary. Patrick is rankled by her lack of care for the Camaro's appearance and thinks she should show some pride of ownership. Who is right?

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Gail believes she and her nephew Ray are similarly sensitive kindred spirits. As a loving aunt, she thinks she should be able to comfort Ray when he's upset, even over rule-breaking, and help him handle his feelings. Her sister Aimee believes Gail is unnecessarily coddling Ray and encouraging him to become an overly emotional child. Who is right? Only Judge John Hodgman can decide!

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Rebekah, her mother Denise and grandmother Gloria have a case regarding memory -- specifically, is the memory of a child or an adult more reliable?  Denise insists that a grey house stood next door to her childhood home; Gloria says that's simply not true, and that the house must be a figment of Denise's imagination. Rebekah's been dragged in to adjudicate their dispute before, but she's got issues of her own with her mom's recollections of past events.  Who is right, who is wrong, who can even remember? We turn to the man who never forgets, Judge John Hodgman, to decide.

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