Judge John Hodgman

Scott and Jennifer are a married couple who both admit they're kind of messy -- but who's the real slob here?

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BE WARNED: If you're sensitive to spoilers, be ready to turn down the volume! Andrew and Adam are roommates and avid media consumers. Andrew badgered Adam to start watching one of his own favorite shows, and Adam eventually gave in. However, Adam says an off-hand comment from Andrew -- spoiler alert! -- ruined one of the character's story arcs for his friend. Should Andrew be held responsible for ruining his friend's viewing experience?

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Alex and Kristina are a couple of admittedly nerdy people, and they disagree about where to send their future children for summer camp -- to nerd camp to indulge in whatever geeky pursuits they desire, or to a typical summer camp to play Capture the Flag.

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Holly and Todd are writing partners who meet at the same restaurants every week. Holly feels their habitual meals are stifling her creativity; Todd thinks it frees up his mind to focus on other things. Who is right?

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