Judge John Hodgman

Erin brings the case against her friend Ezra. Ezra hosts a "Bad Movie Night" at his house for their friends to watch movies, eat, and hang out. It's a popular event, but Erin says that Ezra could make the night way more fun if he just took a few of her suggestions. Who is right?

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John brings the case against his girlfriend, Emily. She has a number of tattoos and wants her next tattooed piece to be on her wrist. John wants Emily to reconsider the tattoo's placement. Can the Judge resolve an issue that's needled them both?

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The plaintiff, Melissa, wants her boyfriend Henry to participate in an obstacle course event with her best friends so they can share a bonding experience. Henry objects on numerous fronts!

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Paul brings the case against his friend Jeremy. Paul likes to wear jerseys and hats from his favorite team to sporting events, even when that team isn't playing in the game. Jeremy says that wearing the gear isn't in good taste. Who is right?

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