Judge John Hodgman

This week, daughter squares off against father in a temperature tiff! Olivia brings the case against her father Mike. Mike lives in Arizona where temperatures often soar, and he drives a car without air conditioning. Olivia believes this is a health hazard and disapproves of her father's homemade solutions to cool his vehicle, citing specific times when his efforts have embarrassed him. Mike contends plenty of people have survived without air conditioning in the past and claims he enjoys employing his improvised fixes. Who is right in this coolness quarrel? Judge John Hodgman will decide.

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Family-issued nicknames and a clash between two sisters! Evelyn hates the nickname that followed her into adulthood and demands that the family stop using it, but Frances loves her sister Evie (and the ability to use the name as she sees fit!). Who is right?

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Jessica gave away most of her possessions when she left for the Peace Corps -- including a video game system that went to her sister Eden. The system broke under Eden's care and she says she's not obligated to return a working system to Jessica. Is restitution due?

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Matthew and Y want to raise their children to be bilingual in English and in Y's native language, Vietnamese. Matthew's Vietnamese is pretty rusty, so he thinks Y should teach him and their children at the same time. Y thinks that Matthew needs to study on his own until he can keep up. Who is right?

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