Judge John Hodgman

Jessie and Jason are a happily married couple with a scheduling conflict. Jason is in an intensive master's program and works a full-time job, which leaves him with little to no time for household chores or time for his wife. Jason prefers to schedule his classes in sixteen-week blocks, leaving a "summer vacation" of sorts. His wife prefers that he space out his classes so that she has someone to compliment her changing hairstyles or fix a doorknob. Can Judge Hodgman find a suitable arrangement?

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Katie and Bobby are dating and are both fans of Pittsburgh Steelers football. Katie says she was born into the Steelers Nation, while Bobby came to fandom while dating Katie. Their issue is the treatment of the team's signature "Terrible Towel". Katie says it should be treated with the utmost respect as an emblem of the team; Bobby says once it's purchased, you can do with it what you please, whether that's wiping chairs or your feet. Who is right, and who is wrong? Only one man can decide.

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Blair and her sister Lisa are frequent flyers.  Blair never checks her bags due to the inconvenience of it, opting instead to carry them on.  Since she’s only 5’1”, she often relies on the generosity of fellow passengers to help maneuver her bags into the overhead compartment.  Her sister Lisa feels that Blair and people like her abuse the convenience of a carry-on -- in short, if you’re unable to completely manage your belongings on the plane, you should have to check them.  Who is right?

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