Judge John Hodgman

Jason and Kenan made a gentlemen's agreement with several of their friends as teenagers regarding the advances of the opposite sex, but there's one thing that was never clarified. Who can help them find the solution? None other than Judge John Hodgman.

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Marisa brings the case against her husband Jay. They've blended atheist, Jewish and Catholic traditions for their household, but they've reached an impasse on holiday decorations. They both agreed to a Christmas tree, but Jay objects to a nativity scene for both religious and aesthetic reasons. Should Marisa be allowed to display a traditional nativity scene?

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Judge John Hodgman decides Santa's fate in a married couple's household.

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Patrick and Wyatt are housemates, and their shared house was caught up in a prank war. Neighbors from each house on their street pulled pranks on one another until one final act put Wyatt over the edge -- and he took to social media to put a stop to the practical jokes. Patrick thinks Wyatt overreacted, and wants to rev up the prank war again.

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