Judge John Hodgman

Andrea and Scott bring their dispute before the Judge: must singalongs be conducted with careful attention to pitch and key? Expert witnesses Jonathan Coulton and David Rees weigh in.

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Steve says he's been the acting team captain of his local trivia team, and wants to make it official! His teammate Claire begs to differ. Can the Judge resolve this trivial dispute?

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With Expert Witness Alton Brown! Natalie brings the case against her husband Hugo. She wants to throw food away when she decides it's spoiled or too old. Hugo hates waste, and is aghast that Natalie throws away moldy but "perfectly usable" items. Who is right? Who is wrong?

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Aldo brings the case against his partner Sean. They decided to plan trips for each other's birthdays, but make each destination a surprise. But the secrecy is making Aldo anxious, and now he wants to know where they're going! Should Sean reveal their itinerary, or must Aldo wait for his birthday surprise? This week, with Bailiff Jesse Thorn and Monte Belmonte!

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