Judge John Hodgman

Shumanay has a chronic illness that's limited her physical activity in the past, but she's recently been able to take up running. Now she has her heart set on an endurance race to take full advantage of her newfound abilities. Her husband Jon objects to her participation. Jon worries about the risks to her health, and thinks she should save her energy for a more worthy form of exercise. Should Shumanay run the endurance race?

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Justin actively avoids dairy, claiming to HATE cheese, butter, and cream. His friend Angela is irritated by the avoidance, alleges that Justin has consumed and enjoyed dairy in the past, and thinks he should own up. Who is right in this food fight?

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Zoe brings the case against her mom, Rochelle. They brought home a new puppy last summer and Zoe took the lead in training and caring for the dog until she left for college. Now Zoe is thousands of miles away, but wants to retain her say in the puppy's day-to-day life. Her mom says Zoe needs to stop meddling from afar.

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Our second live show at WNYC's Greene Space, with musical performances from Jean Grae, Mela Machinko and DJ Mr. Len. Please note: this week's episode contains some explicit language.

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This week: a very special live edition of Judge John Hodgman from WNYC's Jerome L. Greene Performance Space. Featuring musical sets from Jonathan Coulton!

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