Judge John Hodgman

Greg and Eric are longtime friends and sometime-bandmates.  They disagree on one area of performance; should members of the band ever ask the audience to clap along to their music?

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Carrie and her husband Phillip are planning for the future. A collapse of civilazation under the coming apocalypse to be exact. Carrie and "Sarge" are at odds about where to best survive the end of days and bring the case to Judge John Hodgman. 

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When is it appropriate to ask to crash at a friend's place? Should the practice be curtailed when one reaches a certain age or level of financial security? Chris and Emily bring this case against their friend Pat.

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Jesse and Jessica are used to squaring off against one another when they play games like Scrabble & Hangman on their smartphones. In this episode of Judge John Hodgman their rivalry spills into the courtroom as they litigate their literary license.  Please use JUSTICE in a sentence!

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